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Huotong instrument is a world leading manufacturer of integrated solutions for reactor, fixed bed and process flow the company has a number of technical patents and has passed EU CE certification and ISO900 quantity system certification.

Huotong instrumentIt is specialized in designing and manufacturing high-end laboratory devices, small industrial devices and reactors for petroleum, petrochemical, chemical systems, scientific research institutes, energy, environmental protection, medicine and other industries.The company has accumulated rich on-site experience, and we have completed the design, production, installation and high-quality after-sales service system.

Application industry

Huotong instrument hopes to constantly meet the challenges of different technical requirements and is always committed to maximizing the benefits of customer projects!

  • Scientific research laboratory
  • biopharmaceutical
  • Material development
  • Petroleum chemical industry
  • Catalytic synthesis
  • Energy and environmental protection

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We always design qualified products for our customers in terms of technology and product innovation

Introduction to reactor
reaction kettle. The understanding of the reactor refers to the stainless steel container with physical or chemical reaction. Through the structural design and parameter configuration of the container, the functions of heating, evaporation, cooling and low-speed mixing required by the process can be realized. With the pressure requirements in the reaction process, the design requirements of the vessel are also different.The production must be processed, tested and commissioned in strict accordance with the corresponding standards.The reactor is used in petroleum, chemical industry, rubber, pesticide, dye, medicine, food and other industries as a pressure vessel to complete the process of vulcanization, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation and so on.
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